Deep Dive Round-Up: Amphan, RBI Reforms, Antibody Test, 5G & Huawei

Cyclone Amphan, born in the Bay of Bengal, hit the coasts of India and Bangladesh causing severe damage and compounding the Covid crisis. However, fatalities were very low in India, thanks to the early response effort by various institutions.

Talking about Covid, India’s Central Bank RBI announced another set of reforms in an effort to boost the economy in the short run. It must be noted that the repo rate has reached a multiyear low to 4%. In a different response to combat the pandemic, India and the world are talking about antibody tests that are quick, efficient and that may act as a health passport in a critical situation like this.

Covid has created a global menace for China as nations blame it for its opaqueness in dealing with the virus. One of its major companies Huawei is also reeling under the heat of nations since US and UK did not go ahead with its 5G partnership. But how did Huawei out of all became the front runner of 5G?

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