Heated Debate in Parliament on Delhi Riots

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During the parliamentary discussion on Delhi Communal Riots, Union Home Minister Amit Shah called it a planned conspiracy and assured that all the culprits will be put behind bars regardless of religion, caste or political party.

Crux of the Matter

A detailed SIT investigation is underway of the recent Delhi riots which took 52 lives, injured nearly 520 people and burnt 142 houses. Amit Shah defended the actions by Delhi Police and lauded them for bringing the situation under control in record time. The government firmly believes that the spread of riots on such a big scale in such a short time is not possible without a conspiracy.

49 cases of Arms Act have been registered & 153 arms have been recovered. The police have conducted nearly 650 peace committee meetings since February 25, 2020.

Strict action will be taken irrespective of religion against people who are responsible and it will be an example for the entire country.

– Amit Shah, Union Home Minister

Amit Shah also informed the Lok Sabha that with help of 40 teams, the police have traced around 60 suspicious social media accounts that incited hate. They noted that they were created on 22nd February 2020 and were closed down on 26th February 2020.

Amit Shah denied all claims of the opposition of not taking the riots seriously and said, “the US President’s program was pre-scheduled, it was in my constituency, my visit there was also pre-scheduled. The next day, when the US President visited Delhi, I wasn’t present at any event. The whole time I was sitting with Police officials. I only requested NSA Ajit Doval to visit the area.”

The Congress party staged a walkout after the Home Minister defended the CAA, and launched sharp attacks on hate speeches made by Sharjeel Imama, Tahir Hussain and AIMIM Leader Waris Pathan.

If one doesn’t want to give certain information, no questions will be asked regarding that. There will be no doubtful citizen marking.

– Amit Shah, Union Home Minister

The Ruckus over Facial Identification Software
The parliament witnessed a ruckus when the opposition accused the government of using Aadhar data for face identification of the rioters. According to them, it was a breach of the right to privacy. The Home Minister clarified that the government has used voter ID and driving license databases to screen people through which 1922 people have already been identified.

A Supreme Court lawyer N.S. Nappinai said that the screening of crowds using the public database is illegal in the country as it goes against the concept of innocent until proven guilty. In an RTI query, the Delhi Police had informed that facial recognition software is used under the Identification of Criminals Act. With the Home Minister’s statement, it is now clear that the police are using public databases to screen crowds.

Latest Update on the Police Investigation
The Delhi police have nabbed suspended AAP councilor Tahir Hussain’s brother Shah Alam along with two of his associates in connection with the riots. Tahir Hussain has been accused of murdering a 26-year old Intelligence Bureau officer. Police have arrested a 20-year-old for the murder of 4 people whose bodies were found in the drains in Gokulpuri. Northeast district police arrested 4 men who are accused of vandalizing the Ashok Nagar mosque. The police also arrested 2 suspects linked with ISIS and are probing their potential link with the Popular Front of India (PFI). 3 people were also arrested for financing the violence.


The 2020 North East Delhi riots were multiple incidents of religiously driven bloodshed, property destruction, and rioting in North East Delhi, beginning on the night of 23 February 2020 and causing the deaths of 53 people; who were shot, slashed with repeated blows or set on fire. Among others killed were a policeman, an intelligence officer. More than a week after the violence ended, hundreds of wounded were languishing in inadequately staffed medical facilities and corpses were being found in open drains. Earlier, in Jaffrabad, in North East Delhi, a sit-in by women against CAA had begun on a stretch of the Seelampur–Jaffrabad–Maujpur road. On 23 February 2020, BJP leader Kapil Mishra demanded that Delhi Police clear the roads occupied by protesters and threatened to forcefully end the protests if the police failed. More Info