Congress Stalwart Scindia Poached by BJP; Chaos in MP

Son of Congress veteran late Madhavrao Scindia, Jyotiraditya Scindia resigned from Congress party on his father’s birth anniversary, 10 March 2020. Madhya Pradesh’s Kamal Nath government is at the risk of facing a floor test as 19 Congress MLAs, who flew to Bengaluru the day Scindia resigned, have submitted their resignation to Assembly Speaker NP Prajapati.

Crux of the Matter

Thin Line in MP Assembly
MP Assembly has 230 seats. However, due to the death of 2 members in the running session, the number has reduced to 228. 115 seats are required to prove the majority and form the government in Madhya Pradesh. Currently, Congress has 119 seats including 4 seats in collusion with the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and 1 with the Samajwadi Party. Whereas BJP has 109 seats in the MP assembly.

Kamal Nath Government Crisis
A prominent and senior member of the Congress party, Jyotiraditya M. Scindia has resigned from the party. Congrees in its statement stated that Scindia has been expelled from the party because of “anti-party activities“. Congress president has approved the expulsion of him from the party, as per Congress leader K.C. Venugopal.

After the resignation, Scindia had a closed-door meeting with PM Modi accompanied by the Home Minister Amit Shah. There has been speculation that Scindia-loyal 19 Congress MLAs who submitted their resignation may join BJP. If this thing comes true, then Kamal Nath Government will have to face the floor test and have to prove majority.

If the Speaker approves the resignation, then the total number of seats in the assembly will fall to 209. BJP will have more seats than the Kamal Nath government. Thus, the current government is on the brink of falling apart.

JM Scindia Turning Tables
Jyotirdaditya Scindia’s father Madhavro Scindia started his political career with Congress. In 1980 he fought the election from Congress and won against BJP’s Atal Bihari Vajpayee. In 1996, Congress refused to give him a ticket after which he left the party and fought elections form his own party named Madhya Pradesh Vikas Congress. Later Congress had pleaded him to join the party again.

Jyotiraditya Scindia, for past a year now, had been in indirect protest against his own party. He had shown his dissatisfaction when Kamal Nath was chosen as the Chief Minister of MP. He also removed Congress from his twitter bio and supported the Abrogation of Article 370, which may be reflective of his discontent with the party.

Similar Situation in Rajasthan Congress
JM Scindia’s discontent can be compared with that of Rajasthan’s Congress Leader Sachin Pilot. His restlessness with the Congress comes over the issue of Ashok Gehlot becoming the CM of Rajasthan, which was only a month after MP Assembly elections.


Madhavrao Jivajirao Scindia was an Indian politician and minister from the Indian National Congress. Earlier, in 1961, he had become the titular being a descendant of the Scindia dynasty of the Marathas. However, in the 26th amendment to the Constitution of India promulgated in 1971, the Government of India abolished all official symbols of princely India, including titles, privileges, and remuneration. More Info

Vijaya Raje Scindia born Lekha Divyeshwari Devi and known popularly as the Rajmata of Gwalior, was a prominent Indian political personality. In the days of the British Raj, as consort of the last ruling Maharaja of Gwalior, Jivajirao Scindia, she ranked among the highest royal figures of the land. In later life, she became a politician of considerable influence and was elected repeatedly to both houses of the Indian parliament. She was also an active member, for many decades, of the Jana Sangh and co-founder of Bharatiya Janata Party. More Info