Janta Curfew: Self-imposed blackout during corona-war

To prevent a hike in COVID-19 cases in India, PM Modi, in an address to the nation, urged citizens to follow the ‘Janta Curfew’ or people’s curfew on 22nd March 2020. He has asked citizens to voluntarily stay indoors from 7 AM to 9 PM. He even announced the formation of an economic task force led by Finance Minister Sitharaman.
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Crux of the Matter

Prevention is the Best Cure
India, the second most populated country in the world, has 223 positive cases of COVID-19 as of 20 March 2020. With US and China beginning vaccine trials on humans, scientists and doctors across the globe are looking for a cure for the virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) and many other world leaders have said that until the cure is found and tested, prevention is the best cure. This can be the most effective way to combat this contagion.

Crumbling Real Economy

In the coming few days it is possible these people may not be able to come to office or your homes. In such a case, do treat them with empathy and humanity and not deduct their salaries. Always keep in mind that they too need to run their homes, protect their families from illness.

– PM Narendra Modi

Taking the preventive measure of ‘social distancing’ had left a void in the real economy of the world. With shops, restaurants, manufacturing, essential services, etc. being urged to remain shut for the time period, people who earned their bread from these activities have been badly hurt. The Ministry of Commerce has urged India Inc to allow employees to work from home. Apart from that, the government has asked factories and workplaces to make available sanitizers and keep their premises sanitized. It also urged people to not start panic buying. ‘COVID-19 Economic Response Task Force’ led by FM Sitharaman will oversee and work on the economic challenges posed by COVID-19.

Take care of conditions and regular payments of wages to contract workers, while continuing to support their livelihood.

– Commerce Ministry

Salute to Medics
Narendra Modi praised the medical staff, government officials, police, media persons, airline staff, train, bus, auto transporters for their service to the nation during this period. He also asked citizens to salute their service on the day of ‘Janta Curfew’ by clapping or ringing bells for five minutes from their balconies at 5 PM. Local governments would notify time via blaring a siren at 5 PM.

A Long War Awaits?
Many are comparing this situation to a war-like situation wherein one stocks essentials. On a different note, some people are also quizzed about the curious case of Japan, which was one of the first countries that saw positive cases outside of China. Japan has not seen a surge in the number of cases after this long even when Europe and other countries are in severe trouble. It could be that Japan took severe measures to contain the virus spread and its population was well-trained for a situation like this. Or is Japan sweeping the number of cases under the carpet? What effect will this have on a populous country like India? Will it need to take such a con measure to contain panic?

Summachar urges you to avoid traveling and roaming outside. You can enjoy your quarantine as we keep bringing you interesting stories from around the world. Stay safe!


Additional Advisory by Government of India

  • All citizens above the age of 65 are advised to stay at home.
  • Children below 10 years are advised to stay indoors.
  • There will be no international commercial passenger flight after 1:31 AM (IST), 23 March 2020.
  • States are advised to issue guidelines regarding enforcing the private sector to allow work from home.
  • Group B and C government employees will attend offices only on alternate weeks.