Trump Calls Out China's Role in causing pandemic

Referring to Coronavirus, Donald Trump said that the people of the world are paying for what they (China) did. He added that the pandemic could have been stopped in China itself it was not involved in the ‘misinformation campaign’.
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Crux of the Matter

No New Cases from China
Cases of Coronavirus are rising rapidly outside of China. The number of positive cases across the world has crossed 2,50,000 and the death toll has crossed the 10,000-mark. The death toll in Italy crossed China’s death toll. China did not report any new homegrown cases on March 18, 2020, but had 34 cases of people from abroad.

Trump Doubling Down on China
Two US Senators have tested positive for Coronavirus. To combat the virus and the slowing American economy, Trump announced a multi-billion dollar package. People who are in quarantine will be provided with paid sick leave, said Trump. The aid package also offers free coronavirus testing. US economy has taken a serious hit as the Federal Reserve was required to slash interest rates to 0-0.25%, a rate observed last during the Global Financial Crisis 2008-09. US Benchmark Stock Index Dow Jones has plunged nearly 30%.

Donald Trump called the Coronavirus ‘a Chinese Virus’ in his speech. The Chinese government and many others have criticised him for this and termed it as ‘racist’. He said that the American officials would have been able to act quickly on the pandemic if China had shared complete information on the virus. He added that the virus could have been stopped where it came from.

It must be noted that Dr. Li Wenliang who was the first one to break the news of the spread of a potential SARS-like virus, was arrested by the Chinese government. He later succumbed to death due to Coronavirus.


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