Deep Dive Round-Up: Mental Health, VR-AR, Tracking, India’s Sectoral Reforms, Covid Numbers

In times of bombardment of information and that too only related to Covid, the mental health of a person becomes an important issue. Many experts are advising to avoid news that shows negativity and indulge themselves in social groups online or some activity. One of the ways that people are using to entertain themselves during the pandemic is Virtual Reality – ranging from VR boxes to virtual museums. With upgraded technology comes great responsibility and so the use of tracking apps used in Covid tracking need to a balance of regulation and use by private users or the government.

On India’s front, the Aatmanirbhar Bharat package has pushed sectoral reforms, a strategy also seen in the latest budget. India crossed the 100k mark recently. However, doubling time is increasing week on week, whereas fatality rate has, more or less, remained stable at 3%.

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