Covid Compounds Macron Govt’s Misery

La République En Marche, the ruling party of France, recently witnessed the defection of members owing to disputes. The move leaves the Macron government short of majority.

Crux of the Matter

Macron’s Government
La République En Marche, France’s ruling party, recently saw a group of its members leave the party owing to disputes over several issues. The development leaves the party at 288 seats, 1 short of majority. However, En Marche attempted to defuse the situation by claiming support of MoDem, a French centrist party. The developments come in the light of Emmanuel Macron’s decisions, who is the President of France and the creator of En Marche.

Macron In A Mix
Emmanuel Macron became the youngest French President at the age of 39. He claimed himself a centrist and sought to combine the best of both left and right wing sections in France. However, his recent decisions have put his side in a tense situation. The defectors pointed to a leaning towards right-wing ideology instead of inclusive ideas as one of the reasons for separation.

Macron came in the spotlight recently over his handling of the Coronavirus spread. Medics attributed the failure to a lack of planning and funding in the medical sector, which left the country short of doctors and equipment in the time of pandemic.

For months I was asking for equipment, and we had only three days to fight against the virus.

Martin Hirsch, Head of the Paris hospital network

Criticism From Left
France’s left wing sections have continuously criticized Macron for implementing policies that benefit the industrialists while exploiting the working-class. In 2018, Yellow-Vest protests started over the government’s decision to add tax on fuel which affected the small and medium income workers traveling daily. His decision to abolish wealth-tax drew strong criticism, with critics pointing to the policy as a move to favor large businesses.

Saving the environment, Macron’s primary agenda in elections, is now observed as a forgotten cause. Critics have pointed out to France’s ranking in the list of contribution of renewable energy of the European Union, falling behind Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and several other members as a symbol of the observation.

Consequently, recent polls have shown that while the right wing voters are satisfied with the incumbent government, left wing voters have expressed a strong disapproval of Macron and his policies.

  • A book was published on 24 November 2016 by Macron to support his presidential campaign titled “Révolution”, the book sold nearly 200,000 copies during its printing run and was one of the best selling books in France during 2016. At the age of 39, Macron became the youngest president in French history.
  • Liberty Leading the People is a painting by Eugène Delacroix commemorating the July Revolution of 1830, which toppled King Charles X of France. A woman of the people personifying the concept of Liberty leads a varied group of people forward over a barricade and the bodies of the fallen, holding the flag of the French Revolution – the tricolor, which again became France’s national flag.
  • The July Revolution of 1830 led to the overthrow of King Charles X, the French Bourbon monarch, and the ascent of his cousin Louis Philippe, Duke of Orléans. It marked the replacement of the principle of hereditary right by popular sovereignty in France. The revolution is also called the Second French Revolution.