NZ’s Biggest Media Company ‘Stuff’ Sold For A Dollar

  • New Zealand is located in the continent of Oceania. The term Oceania is often used to denote the wider region encompassing the Australian continent, New Zealand and various islands in the Pacific Ocean that are not included in the seven-continent model.
  • Ronald Wayne is a retired American electronics industry businessman. He co-founded Apple Computer Company (now Apple Inc.) as a partnership with Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. Just 12 days after founding Apple, Ronald sold his 10% share of the new company back to Jobs and Wozniak for $800. Today, the net worth of those 10% shares is more than $100 billion!
  • In 2016, Yahoo sold its core operating business to Verizon for $4.8 billion in cash. The transaction resulted in the end of the independence of one of Silicon Valley’s most iconic pioneering companies. At its peak, Yahoo was valued at $125 Billion. Forbes magazine called this deal the “Saddest $5 Billion Deal In Tech History”.