Vox Box: What do our readers feel about the race riots in USA?

Last week we asked our instagram followers to raise your voice on the race riots in USA. Here’s a compilation of the top answers in no particular order.

Vox Populi

This situation is becoming worse..This 2020 was a nightmare and now this. All should treat everyone as their equals. Why to do discrimination? Why to go with completion?Everyone are humans and they have the same rights as others.. Let’s hope for the best to come…
I think that if we look at the past ,this situation is better..because this time those white people are also sending pled, taking part in protests and wearing the black out Tuesday and black lives matter shirts and all those placards..
I don’t know why most of the people think that black people are not equal as they are…Let’s post on insta with hashtag black out Tuesday….May god make this situation better and people forget discrimination..

Jyoti Boparai @jyotiboparai238

Racism is not acceptable but
I think it’s their internal matter,
When we as Indians expect not to interfere in our bilateral or internal issues with Pakistan and China from USA, Indians should not interfere themselves in their internal issues.

Sharv Kothari @k_sharv

Racism a concept that exists with us since long ago. It has become a part and parcel of the dark people and the bad thing about it is it judges you only on basis of your external appearance. It is a way of humiliation caused by Powerful and those who consider oneself superior over the other. It is a weed and it can be treated only when we start from ourselves. We should be the initiater of change .

Ankita Thakur @ankita5408

I’m just surprised that systematic subjugation of Indians are so prevalent that we have gotten used to it. Kudos to anyone speaking up against it.

Pradunma Choudhury @amnudarp

Criminals playing the victim card is the latest trend,today USA tomorrow India.

Vishwas Shetty @vishwas1876

It is a terrible thing going out there and it’s not the first time though.. it has happened in the past too but I think China 🇨🇳 is taking or will take advantage of this thing.

Swastik Tiwari @swastik_t16