Cloud Services On A Rise: Oracle Launches New Data Centre In India

Cloud Services On A Rise: Oracle Launches New Data Centre In India

Cloud Engineered system giant, Oracle India has announced the availability of its secure and enterprise-grade data centre, Gen 2 Cloud region, for the existing and new customers in the nation. First region was Mumbai, with the second one launched in Hyderabad this year. With the recent row with Chinese apps that breached data security of citizens, and growing number of data centres how does India plan to handle personal data localization?

Crux of the Matter

More Clouds On The Ground!
The all-new data centre is a part of Oracle’s aim to set up a minimum of 36 cloud data centres in the world by December 2020.

In September last year, they had aimed to open one new data centre every 23 days. and have opened 20 new cloud regions to date. Their operations cover a total of 24 regions globally including the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, South Korea, and the European Union.

What Exactly Is Cloud Computing?
Cloud computing is the online delivery of on-demand computing services ranging from applications to storage and processing power, on a pay-as-you-go basis. Thus companies can rent access to services from a cloud service provider, without owning their own computing infrastructure or data centres, avoiding the upfront cost and complexity of maintaining them.

Basic Cloud Architecture

Cloud Services Are Used Almost Daily

  • Consumer services like Gmail, Google’s premier Inbox
  • Cloud back-up of the photos on your smartphone via iCloud, Google Photos, Microsoft’s OneDrive, etc.
  • Video streaming giant, Netflix that showcases you a new collection of movies and series daily
The popular cloud service providing platforms

Indian Government Localises Sensitive Personal Data
The Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 was introduced in the Indian Parliament by the Minister of Electronics and Information Technology. As of March 2020, the Bill is being analyzed by a Joint Parliamentary Committee in addition to experts and stakeholders.

It proposes that all critical information about Indian citizens will be stored and processed only in the nation. Their personal data can be processed outside pertaining to certain conditions, but again, has to be stored in India itself.

Cloud Companies Trying To Woo India
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Outposts have been made available in India, in order to boost data management on-premise. This step would urge other rising cloud services provided by Google and Microsoft to follow suit.

Moreover, Carlyle Group, an investment management company, is set to acquire a 25% stake in Airtel’s Data Centre business and seize the opportunity of massive growth in this sector.

  • Lerry Ellison co-founder and ex CEO of Oracle is the 5th richest person in the world as of March 2020 with a net worth of over $60 Billion. In 2019, Oracle was the second-largest software company by revenue and market capitalization.
  • In 2002, Oracle Corporation marketed many of its products using the slogan “Can’t break it, can’t break in”, or “Unbreakable”. However, two weeks after its introduction, many security experts demonstrated a whole suite of successful attacks against Oracle products.
  • Larry Ellison co-founded Oracle Corporation in 1977 with Bob Miner and Ed Oates under the name Software Development Laboratories (SDL). Ellison took inspiration from the 1970 paper written by Edgar F. Codd on relational database management systems (RDBMS) named “A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks.”