Trouble For Indian Students In USA

Trouble For Indian Students In USA

Measure to deport foreign students that have online classes for the coming semester implemented by President Trump has caused tension for Indian students in the US, with the same anxiety being face by all foreign workers.

Crux of the Matter

Recent Order
The USA recently announced that foreign students would have to leave the country if their classes shift to online mode for the semester. Only students having ‘in-person’ classes would be allowed to stay.

However, some relief was provided to non-immigrant F-1 and M-1 students, who may take partially offline classes and stay in the country.
F-1 Visa: For non-immigrant students enrolled in Academic and Language training courses.
M-1 Visa: For students enrolled in non-academic or vocational courses.

H1B Visa
The measures to send the students back to home come in the light of temporary suspension of H-1B (high-skilled workers), H-4 (spouses of H-1Bs), L-1 (intra-company transfers) visas by Trump, who cited high economic pressure and unemployment as reasons for the step.

Several big firms like Apple, Google, and Amazon, etc. have expressed disapproval over suspension.

Premium institutes like Harvard are charging the same fees for availing online classes as that paid for in-person lectures, which has drawn criticism from several students.

On the other hand, Harvard University and MIT have sued President Trump, and have called the move of sending back foreign students “unlawful”.

Drastic Change
Donald Trump has displayed a drastic turnaround from his previous opinions on foreign students and workers. In 2015, he tweeted the following:

Contribution Of Indian And Foreign Students

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