What Joe Biden Means For India And The World?

What Joe Biden Means For India And The World?

Let’s get to know more about what Joe Biden, the US President-elect, has said and done regarding India, as well as his possible future stance.

Crux of the Matter

Equation With India

  • Biden announced in 2006: “My dream is that in 2020, the two closest nations in the world will be India and the United States”.
  • 2008: Played key role in getting the India-US Nuclear deal approved.
  • Kamala Harris became the first Indian-American Vice President of the US.

  • Plan to increase H1-B visa numbers and remove limit on “employment-based visas by country” – expected to benefit thousands of Indians.
  • Trump recently said, “Look at India. It’s filthy. The air is filthy”.
    Biden replied with “It’s not how you talk about friends.

The U.S. and India will stand together against terrorism in all its forms and work together to promote a region of peace and stability where neither China nor any other country threatens its neighbors

Joe Biden in October 2020

Kashmir And CAA-NRC
Biden has criticized India’s Citizenship Amendment Act and National Register of Citizens, labeling it “inconsistent with [India’s] long tradition of secularism and with sustaining a multi-ethnic and multi-religious democracy”.

Biden has also called for “restoring” human rights in Kashmir.

In Kashmir, the Indian government should take all necessary steps to restore rights for all the people of Kashmir. Restrictions on dissent, such as preventing peaceful protests or shutting or slowing down the Internet, weaken democracy

Joe Biden On Kashmir

On China

  • Biden has called to “pressure, isolate and punish China”.
  • Critical of “China’s deepening repression in Hong Kong”.

China’s internment of nearly one million Uighur Muslims is among the worst abuses of human rights in the world today.

Joe Biden on Uighur Muslims in China

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On Russia

  • Biden has called Putin “dictator”.
  • Labelled Russia “biggest threat to America’s security”.
  • Biden has called poisoning of Russian opposition leader Navalny “unacceptable” and has “promised to “stand up to autocrats like Putin”.
  • In the early 70s, Biden decided to run for Senate for the Democratic Party. He defeated his political opponent, J. Caleb Boggs in 1972 and became one of the youngest Senators ever, at age 29.
  • In 2016, as vice president, Joe Biden participated in the Oscar gala to announce a performance by Lady Gaga. He talked about the theme of Lady Gaga’s song ‘Til It Happens to You’.
  • In 2015 his eldest son, Beau, died from brain cancer; Biden recounted the experience in Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose (2017).