10 Point Plan For Green Revolution Launched By UK

10 Point Plan For Green Revolution Launched By UK

Before UK hosts the COP26 UN climate summit next year, it has launched a 10 point plan for green industrial revolution, in order to tackle climate change and create jobs in energy efficient markets. UK’s PM Boris Johnson has set a target for 2030 for its completion.

Crux of the Matter

Why The Sudden Step?
In fact, it is 10 years earlier as it was planned for a 2040 launch. It is part of the UK PM, Boris Johnson’s green industrial revolution, in order to tackle climate change and create jobs in industries like nuclear energy.

What Is This 10-Point Plan?

1. Hydrogen
Have 5 GigaW of “low carbon” hydrogen production capacity for industry, transport, power, homes and for the first town heated by gas.

2. Offshore wind
Produce enough wind to power every home in UK, by quadrupling its production to 40 gigawatts, and supporting up to 60,000 jobs.

3. Shift towards Electric Vehicles
Stopping sales of new petrol and diesel cars and vans, to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles. This would also help in investing in grants to buy electric charge point infrastructure.

4. Advocating Nuclear Power
To push nuclear power as a clean energy source and including provision for a large nuclear plant (probably at Sizewell in Suffolk) – and for small nuclear reactors, that could support 10,000 jobs.

5 & 6. Greener Maritime and Public Transport
To support research projects for zero-emission planes and ships and make public transport, cycling, and walking, more attractive ways to travel.

7. Carbon Capture
Developing technology to capture and store harmful emissions away from the atmosphere, with a target to remove 10M tonnes of CO2.

8 & 9. Energy-efficient Homes and Innovation
Making homes, schools, and hospitals warmer and energy-efficient, by installing 600,000 heat pumps every year via Green Homes Grant for home insulation. Also developing cutting-edge tech to make London, the global centre of green finance.

10. Nature Conservation
Preserving the natural environment, by planting 30,000 hectares of trees every year.

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Mixed Reception
While the public remains optimistic hearing about the intricate plan, critics like Ed Miliband, energy and climate change secretary (2008-10), and Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, have criticised the plan. They say that the funding allocated for the good deed does not “remotely meet the scale of what is needed” to tackle unemployment and the climate emergency.

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