EAM S Jaishankar Stands Firm on S-400 Purchase

During his 3-day Washington tour, External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar maintained that military purchases are an internal matter and a sovereign right. India has recently decide to purchase S-400 missiles from Russia and the EAM has maintained that the purchase will have no impact on Indo-US relations.

Crux of the Matter
  • India had formalised the purchase of 5 S-400 missile systems from Russia in 2018. The deal is worth $5.43 billion.
  • Since 2017 USA has been imposing sanctions on countries with major arms deals with Russia. Turkey has faced sanctions for the purchase of the same missile systems.
  • The Indian EAM maintained that what India buys will not be affected by any other country’s foreign policies and that the S-400 deal won’t be changed.
  • Jaishankar has explained the Indian stance to his US counterparts and expects them to co-operate.

The S-400 Triumph is an anti-aircraft weapon system developed in the 1990s by Russia’s Almaz Central Design Bureau as an upgrade of the S-300 family. It has been in service with the Russian Armed Forces since 2007. In 2017 the S-400 was described by The Economist as “one of the best air-defence systems currently made”. The S-400 is expected to be inducted into Indian service in October 2020. The United States had threatened India with sanctions over India’s decision to buy the S-400 missile defense system from Russia. More Info