Dystopian-Styled Detention Camps in China for Ethnic Minorities like Uighurs

Secret documents pertaining to the internal communication of the Chinese agencies that gave a horrifying picture of what could be a minorities’ detention camp in Xinjiang Province were released. Allegedly, minorities like Uighurs, Kazakhs, and other Muslims living around the region are put into these camps in the name of re-education and are brutally enforced to learn Chinese ideology.

Crux of the Matter
  • Nearly 1 million ethnic minority citizens are kept under hardcore surveillance and severe camping conditions in the Xinjiang Province of China. Surveillance systems helped in finding and transferring these people to detention for re-education merely because they seemed suspicious.
  • The Chinese government has denied the reports, calling them pure fabrication.
  • The severity of the camps is such that detainees are monitored even while they eat, use urinals, or take bath. They are not allowed to have any contact with the outside world except talking to their family members once a week under tight supervision.
  • According to the leaked documents, the camp has been perpetrating Chinese ideology through the means of the atonement of old dangerous ideology, strict routines, inhuman behaviours, et al.
  • The Xinjiang Re-education Camps, officially called Vocational Education and Training Centers by the government of the People’s Republic of China, are concentration camps that have been operated by the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Regional government for the purpose of interning Uyghur Muslims since 2014. The New York Times stated the leak suggests discontent inside the Communist Party relating to the crackdown in Xinjiang. The anonymous government official that leaked the documents did so with the intent that the disclosure “would prevent party leaders, including Mr. Xi, from escaping culpability for the mass detentions”. Read More