Siemens to Honor Deal of Adani's Controversial Coal Mine in Australia

German company Siemens has affirmed that it will honor its commitment made to India’s Adani Group. The Charmichael coal mine of Adani Group has been under the scope of controversy due to environmental concerns.

Crux of the Matter
  • Germany’s Siemens Mobility made an agreement with India’s Adani group to provide signaling technology for Adani’s coal mine in Queensland in Australia.
  • The coal mine has been criticized because excessive usage of coal leads to the release of large amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, a phenomenon that is adding to the worrisome global warming.
  • Siemens’ decision comes at a time when Australia is engulfed in bushfires.
  • Global environmental activists, including Greta Thunberg, criticized Siemens’ decision.
  • “While I do have a lot of empathy for environmental matters, I do need to balance different interests of different stakeholders, as long as they have lawful legitimation for what they do,” said Siemens’ CEO Joe Kaeser.
  • Environmentalists staged a protest against Seimens outside Seimens’ Munich headquarters.

Carmichael Coal Mines – The mine is proposed by Adani Mining, a wholly-owned subsidiary of India’s Adani Group. It has drawn immense controversy about its claimed economic benefits, its financial viability, plans for government subsidies and the damaging environmental impacts. Broadly, these have been described as its potential impact upon the Great Barrier Reef, groundwater at its site and its carbon emissions. The emissions from burning the amount of coal expected to be produced from this one mine, whether sourced from it or elsewhere, would, in a “worst-case” scenario be, approximately 0.53-0.56% of the carbon budget that remains after 2015. More Info