Deep Dive Round-Up: Adaptive Policies, Animal Habitat, Social Media

Coronavirus has given India another glimpse of the changing paradigms of policymaking. The Indian government decided to take and improve measures based on a feedback mechanism. A similar approach, says India’s Principal Economic Advisor Sanjeev Sanyal, was at play when the government launched Goods and Services Tax, Indian Bankruptcy Code, or even did demonetization.

Another facet that Coronavirus opened for the information age is the importance of habitat of wild animals. As could be seen in various viral video footages, wild animals forayed into urban India. On the whole, it seems that deforestation, global warming, and other industrial activities are gradually receding the habitat of animals.

The Covid-19 situation coupled in the US after mass protests erupted against the killing of a black man, George Floyd by a white police officer. However, since then social media has also been keeping a keen eye on what content is being put out on the mediums. Even in India, since the Youtube v/s TikTok war began, many questioned the content filtering policies of the Chinese app which put a strict leash on anti-government and sensitive content in China.

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