What Is E-RUPI? A Digital Payments Solutions To Directly Deliver Govt Benefits

What Is E-RUPI? A Digital Payments Solutions To Directly Deliver Govt Benefits

Launched on 2nd August, 2021, e-RUPI is India’s newest addition to the digital payment saga. Known for its small ticket size benefit transfer, e-RUPI is set to make the delivery of government welfare services efficient. Read the story to know more about the mechanism.

Crux of the Matter

What Is E-Rupi
It is a cashless and contactless digital payments solution, developed by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) on its UPI platform.

It delivers a QR code or message based digital voucher to beneficiary’s linked mobile number. The beneficiaries will then be able to redeem this voucher at the service provider’s end without any intermediary.

Voucher’s Pre-Conditions
The voucher is non transferable and can be used for a single transaction only. The maximum issue value size is fixed at ₹10,000.

Simplifying How It Works
3 categories of vouchers will be enlisted on e-RUPI: Banks, Payment Service Providers, amd Entities holding licences for pre-paid instruments.

A private firm or a government agency approaches a bank for issuing vouchers to beneficiaries. Upon payment of voucher amount, the beneficiaries are sent a digital voucher to a linked mobile number.

An application to scan the e-voucher will be required at the end of service provider. Finally, beneficiaries can scan the voucher and redeem it with OTP authentication.

Where Will It Be Used?
It will be used for Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) for multiple government welfare schemes and subsidies. I t will also be used for Covid vaccination process in which a company can issue vouchers to their employees.


  1. National Payments Corporation Of India governs systems like Rupay and Aadhar enabled payment systems. Founded in 2008, NPCI is currently governed by the Reserve Bank of India and the Ministry of Finance.

Is Zomato’s Stock Price A Bubble? A Glimpse At US’ Food Delivery Stocks

Is Zomato's Stock Price A Bubble? A Glimpse At US' Food Delivery Stocks

Keeping the Zomato’s spectacular listing in the background, let us discuss how US’ top food delivery stocks – that also don’t make profits yet – have fared in recent.

Crux of the Matter

The Growth Trajectory
As reported in Yahoo Finance, US’ food delivery apps have generated a revenue of $26bn, up by ~18% in 2020. After Zomato’s bumper listing on the bourses, let’s see how similar (loss-making) and different food delivery startups’ stocks have fared.

Uber Technologies


Domino’s Pizza



Papa John’s International

  1. The ticker symbol of The Cheesecake Factory is CAKE. Founded in the United States, it is an American restaurant company and cheesecake distributor.

Beijing’s Regulatory Crackdown Leads To Chinese Stock Slump

Beijing’s Regulatory Crackdown Leads To Chinese Stock Slump

Read the story to know about how China’s tightening education technology regulations are the reason behind the hefty stock plummet.

Crux of the Matter

The Stock Plummet
The Nasdaq Golden Dragon China Index reflected a fall of nearly 15% since the last two trading sessions. The index, which represents 98 biggest US-listed Chinese companies, fell 45% since reaching a record high in February.

Events As They Happened
Chinese stocks were further attacked by rumors of American companies offloading Chinese and Hong Kong assets leading to a dump frenzy in the market. Amidst this, the Yuan slid to its weakest since April against the dollar.

This comes after Beijing unveiled new regulations over its education and technology industries. Last week, Beijing mandated that the private tutoring apps teaching school curriculum be classified as a non-profit organization.

On 26th July, Chinese authorities issued new rules to improve the employment conditions of delivery workers. Later, China’s biggest food delivery app owner, Meituan, saw its shares lose a record 17.6% on 27th July in Hong Kong trade.

Beijing is even clamping down on music after ordering Tencent, a dominant player in the online music streaming industry, to end exclusive music licensing deals with major record labels around the world.

Before this, China shattered investor confidence by imposing a $2.8 billion fine on Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, for abusing its market position for years, as revealed in an investigation.

  • Sun Yat-Sen was the first President of the Republic of China. He is also given the titles of “Father of the Nation”, and “Forerunner of Revolution”.

Trivia Thursday: Companies Connected With Nazis

Trivia Thursday: Companies Connected With Nazis

In this week’s Trivia Thursday, let’s have a look at some really big companies that were connected with the Nazis of Germany.

Crux of the Matter

In this week’s Trivia Thursday, let us have a look at some companies that were connected with the Nazis:

Associated Press
Domain: News Agency
Activity: Censoring and cooperating with Nazi Germany

Domain: Automobile
Activity: Used slave labour from concentration camps to work in their factories

Barclays Bank
Domain: Multinational Bank
Activity: During the Vichy regime, officials of the Barclays Bank in France gave the Nazis information about their Jewish employees

Deutsche Bank
Domain: German Bank
Activity: Provided financial help and construction loans for Auschwitz concentration camp

Hugo Boss
Domain: Luxury fashion house
Activity: Made Nazi uniforms and propaganda items

Domain: Technology
Activity: Developed early computers used by Nazi Germany to commit the Holocaust

Domain: Multinational food and drink processing conglomerate
Activity: Profited from slave labour

Domain: Jewelry company
Activity: Members of the executive board were also Nazi Party members

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