Operation Trojan Shield: FBI Arrested 800 People

Operation Trojan Shield: FBI Arrested 800 People

Operation Trojan Shield, which began in 2018 was conceived by the FBI and Australian Police. Recently, in a global sting, over 800 people from organised crime were arrested. Read the story to know how this operation became successful.

Crux of the Matter

Recent News
On 9th June, 800 people around the world were arrested by an international coalition. Back in 2018, US and Australian officials developed an app called ANOM.

It was designed to appear as an app where the user messages are encrypted. Though there was encryption, FBI and other law enforcements had a master key using which they could decrypt the messages.

The Global Sting
FBI sold ANOM enabled phones with limited functionality in black market. 12,000 devices were sold, costing $2000 for a six-month contract. FBI, alongwith Australian police and European law enforcement agencies, used these devices to monitor criminal enterprises.

  1. The Central Bureau of Investigation was established on April 1, 1963. It is overseen by the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions of India.
  2. The International Criminal Police Organization(INTERPOL) is the international organization that supports worldwide police cooperation and crime control. It was founded in 1923, in Vienna, Austria.