Gear Up For Yoda Like Lightsaber With Real Beams

Loved to fast forward to the lightsaber duel portion of the film in the Star War franchise? Well, US researchers have figured out a way to create a lightsaber that can be seen with the naked eye. Let’s see how they did it. Meanwhile, May the force be with you!

Crux of the Matter

Brigham Young University’s holography group has found a way to create lightsabers – green for Yoda and red for Vader – with actual luminous beams.

The team created virtual stick figures that walk in thin air. They showed the interaction between their virtual images and humans in the film.

A student placed a finger in the middle of the display and the same stick finger walked along and jumped off that finger.

This is not like the movies, where the lightsabers or the photon torpedoes never really existed in physical space. These are real, and if you look at them from any angle, you will see them existing in that space.

Dan Smalley, professor at BYU

3 years ago they had created optical trap displays by trapping a single particle in the air with a laser beam. The particle moved around and left behind a laser-illuminated path that floats in mid-air.


Dennis Gabor, a Hungarian-British physicist, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1971 “for his invention and development of the holographic method”. The recording medium for early holograms were silver halide photographic emulsions. Read More