President’s Rule in Maharashtra

Since no party has been able to form the government in the state of Maharashtra even after 20 days of the poll results, State Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari has recommended President’s Rule in the state in accordance with the Article 356 of the Constitution.

Crux of the Matter
  • In the Maharashtra assembly polls, BJP had acquired 105 seats, Shiv Sena 56, Congress 44 and NCP 54. Maharashtra assembly would require a majority, i.e 145 seats out of 288 for the formation of the state government.
  • With a row regarding distributing powers with the BJP, Shiv Sena had drawn back from forming a coalition with the ruling party.
  • A coalition between Shiv Sena, Sharad Powar’s NCP, and Congress is being mulled over. Leaders of Congress are in talks with Sena, with which Congress does not see eye-to-eye.
  • Governor Koshyari and Union Cabinet seek President’s Rule, while Shiv Sena has moved to Supreme Court against the Governor’s withhold of the three-day extension.

President Rule – In India, President’s rule is the suspension of state government and imposition of direct central government rule in a state. Under Article 356 of the Constitution of India, in the event that a state government is unable to function according to constitutional provisions, the Central government can take direct control of the state machinery. Subsequently, executive authority is exercised through the centrally appointed governor, who has the authority to appoint other administrators to assist them. Read More

Former Bolivian President Takes Political Asylum in Mexico

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales had resigned after his government collapsed on 10th November due to ongoing political unrest in the nation. He has accepted the political asylum granted by Mexico on a humanitarian basis on account of the political crisis in Bolivia.

Crux of the Matter
  • Bolivian government collapsed after ruling party allies quit and the army urged Evo Morales to step down amidst a disputed election in which the country has been hit by weeks of protests.
  • Organization of American States‘ announced in its audit of the election that it had found “clear manipulation” and called for the election result to be annulled.
  • Morales had agreed to hold fresh elections but his main rival, Carlos Mesa was against Morales again contesting the elections.
  • This situation has led to chaos and uncertainty in Bolivia. Looting and vandalism are being carried out by both his supporters and opponents.
  • US President Donald Trump described it as “a significant moment for democracy in the Western Hemisphere”.
  • The Russian foreign ministry said a “wave of violence unleashed by the opposition” had not allowed the “presidential mandate of Evo Morales to be completed”.

Juan Evo Morales Ayma born October 26 1959, is a Bolivian politician and former cocalero activist who served as the 80thPresident of Bolivia from 2006 to 2019. Widely regarded as the country’s first president to come from the indigenous population, his administration focused on the implementation of leftist policies, poverty reduction, and combating the influence of the United States and multinational corporations in Bolivia. More Info

Shiv Sena Leader Sanjay Raut Hospitalised

Shiv Sena leader and Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Raut, 57, underwent angioplasty at the Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai on 11th November evening after he complained of chest pain. 2 days prior he had undergone ECG Tests; after which he was advised to rest. His brother Sunil Raut said, “Angioplasty is being carried out and his health is stable. He would be discharged soon.”