About innocent refugees and apathetic Turkish – European governments


Thousands of migrants have assembled together at Turkey’s border with Greece. Reports suggest that the Turkish government allowed the refugees to passage to Europe last week, saying it had “reached its capacity.”
The move treads on a 2016 deal struck with the European Union to interrupt migrants traveling from the Middle East towards Europe. It is being seen as a Turkish way of grasping European support for its military operation in Syria after a Russia-backed airstrike killed 33 of its soldiers.

Crux of the Matter

What’s Cooking up between Turkey and Greece?
In 2016, the refugee flood had overflowed from Turkey to the EU and the two powers had struck a financial aid deal to stem the flow. However back then, Europe never lived up to it. Even when Turkey threatened to open its borders if it had to continue to support 3.5 million refugees, which were mostly from Syria.

The airstrike last week was the last straw, so now Turkey is using its huge refugee population as leverage against Europe and stopping Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces from gaining more territory inside Idlib, Syria.

What are the Refugees up to in Europe?
Reporters met new refugees from Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Morocco, and Somalia, who told them that they were taking this step in order to obtain a better life with opportunities. In hindsight, the ones who have been in Turkey for years, have struggled to find work, housing, and education for their children after the country’s economy took a downward spiral and the cost of living took an upward route.

Turkey claims that more than tens of thousands have already crossed into Greece, which is motivating more people to move towards the border but on the other side, Greece says that very few people are making it through.

Is Humanitarian Crisis in Store for Them ?
Currently, it seems unlikely that Europe will take the first step or any step for that matter. A situation has arisen where the lives of the most vulnerable are being used as pawns in the game of revenge. An attempt to control a humanitarian crisis in Syria could ultimately result in another emergency along its border with Greece. Thus things can go worse if the trajectory of decisions taken by the respective governments, goes on the same trail.


Humanitarian crisis is defined as a singular event or a series of events that are threatening in terms of health, safety or well being of a community or large group of people. It may be an internal or external conflict and usually occurs throughout a large land area. Local, national and international responses are necessary in such events.
Each humanitarian disaster is caused by different factors and as a result, each different humanitarian crisis requires a unique response targeted towards the specific sectors affected. This can result in either short-term or long-term damage. Humanitarian crises can either be natural disasters, man-made disasters or complex emergencies. In such cases, complex emergencies occur as a result of several factors or events that prevent a large group of people from accessing their fundamental needs, such as food, clean water or safe shelter. More Info