Furore Over Tripura DM’s Actions In Agartala

Furore Over Tripura DM's Actions In Agartala

Last week DM Shailesh Kumar Yadav of Tripura was in news for allegedly stopping a wedding post-curfew time. However, several questions have arisen over the incident regarding breaking of Covid protocols by both civilians and politicians. In that light, let’s look at what happened and some aspects surrounding it.

Crux of the Matter

Agartala of Tripura has been in news over a marriage occurring after 10pm curfew. The controversy erupted over the handling of the issues by District Magistrate Shailesh Kumar Yadav.

Chain Of Events

  • A wedding was taking place allegedly after 10pm at Manikya Court in Agartala.
  • DM Shailesh Kumar Yadav, along with several policemen, entered the venue.


I apologise if any individual or group is pained by last night’s action. But what was done last night was only for the benefit and well being of people. My aim was not to pain or humiliate anyone.

DM Yadav to the Press later


  • Several cases of harsh treatment by Police have been reported.
    However, this was a notable case due to a District Magistrate physically thrashing people as per the alleged video.
  • Some people have complained why such treatment is not applied on politicians.
  • Then again, the side of the DM has been defended with argument that civilians cannot abandon their duties though the politicians do so.

Tripura's CAB Protesting Group Calls Off Indefinite Strike After Meeting HM Amit Shah

Joint Movement Against Citizen Amendment Bill (JMACAB), a group of tribal regional parties, students, and NGOs protesting the CAB, had called off the indefinite strike in Tripura after the convener and the members of the JMACAB met the Home Minister Amit Shah. JMACAB had announced protests until the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2019 was withdrawn from Tripura.

Crux of the Matter
  • Acts of agitation by JMACAB had compelled the Tripura government to shut down internet services and messaging services in the state.
  • Owing to the protests, more than 7 people reported injuries and several other reported forceful shop shutdowns in the region of Manughat Bazar, Nailafa Bazar, and Kulai of Tripura. As many as 8 bikes were blazed by the protestors.
  • As the protestors flocked the streets of Tripura, schools and public institutions were declared closed.
  • JMACAB members met Home Minister Amit Shah to resolve the conflicts with the bill. After the meeting, the convener called off the strike and beseeched people to not give attention to the rumours and maintain peace.

People of Tripura – In the 2001 census of India, Bengalis represented almost 70 per cent of Tripura’s population while the Tripuri population amounted to 30 per cent. The state’s “scheduled tribes”, historically disadvantaged groups of people recognised by the country’s constitution, consist of 19 ethnic groups and many as sub-groups, with diverse languages and cultures. In 2001, the largest such group was the Kokborok-speaking Tripuris, which had a population of 543,848, representing 17.0 per cent of the state’s population and 54.7 per cent of the “scheduled tribe” population. The other major groups, in descending order of population, were the Reang, Jamatia, Chakma, Halam, Mog, Munda, Kuki and Garo. More Info